water and sunshine {puerto rico}

Hello from Puerto Rico! We just returned from a beautiful but brief trip to this tropical island in the Caribbean. I thought the island might be stripped of foliage from the recent Hurricane Maria, but my fears were put to rest as soon as we landed. We found our rental car and headed to the Wyndham Resort, our last-minute hotel of choice. I found an amazing VRBO rental in the jungle that I really wanted to check out, but we were only there for two days and it was on the opposite side of the island. I didn't realize quite how large Puerto Rico was! Definitely not like Cozumel, which Brian and I had driven around in just an hour or two. So instead, we picked the Wyndham resort. Not a bad runner-up. ;)

Both days were 93 degrees and sunny, perfect weather. Brian and I hardly spent any time indoors. We were too busy exploring our side of the island and finding any excuse to stay in the sun! The resort itself was beautifully landscaped with several pools, saunas, and of course the ocean. There was even a swim-up bar! Very swanky. We upgraded our room to an ocean view, and it was magical to hear the ocean waves lapping at the shore and see all the palm trees framed by that dreamy turquoise backdrop. We divided our time between relaxing at the resort and exploring the nearby marina, which had delicious food and lots of pretty boats. (More on that later.)

Our two days FLEW by. But I'm sure we'll be back! But in the meantime, here's a video of our trip!

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