saturday night baseball

This weekend turned out really fun! We found $5 Nats tickets online and invited Sarah to join us for a night at the ballpark. We all split a bucket of chicken and fries which we totally got ripped off on because the entire bottom half of the bucket was crumpled paper! The regular fans probably know how to find the good deals. Perhaps someday that will be us! But until then, we'll be the ones holding kid-sized fountain drinks and pulling paper out of our chicken buckets. ;) 

One of the broadcasted games was a box unwrapping challenge where the contestants had to unwrap their box with baseball gloves on their hands. As soon as the timer went off the girl – I kid you not – slammed her forehead down into the box. Very unconventional. Very funny. And she won! The box broke wide open and she was declared the winner by a very amused judge and a stadium full of cheering fans

Another of the games was a word search of sorts, and one of the contestants put down "bunt". In that moment I became completely confused between the words "bunt" and "punt." Brian found this highly amusing and explained to me in very parent-to-a-child way that "punting" is a football term which describes dropkicking a football, whereas "bunting" is a baseball term that means to barely tap a baseball in order to make it harder to play. He suggested that I yell out to the next batter he ought to punt the ball. I said I just might do that. ;)

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