sarah turned 18 y’all

Birthday girl getting her philosophical thinking on at the National Gallery of Art.

You only turn eighteen once, so this was a definite "go big or go home" moment. Maura and I tossed around ideas for weeks: Weekend cabin trip! Instagram-friendly bohemian party! Rent-a-puppy playdates! Mountain hiking and lazy river tubing! Back to Vermont with the crazy hippies! (Kidding. That was her 2016 birthday and Burlington was weird place). Perhaps she didn't trust us from the earlier Bernie-esque birthday, because Sarah shot down all our ideas. Instead, she wanted to go an art museum in DC. It was a pleasant surprise. I didn't know Sarah was into art. We narrowed it down to the National Gallery of Art based on her art preferences ("classical – not modern!") and decided to grab brunch at Burton's on our way into the city. Both the restaurant and the art gallery were great places that the three of us had never looked at before. I'm glad we got to experience both the highly sought after brunch destination and some of the most famous art that has shaped and inspired the world. Happy birthday, Sarah! I hope this day was special for you! Because you are special to us. :)

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