del ray marina {puerto rico}

We spent a fair amount of time at the Del Ray Marina checking out all the fancy boats and eating at the marina's restaurant. I expected their seafood to be good, and it was! I ordered fish and shrimp tacos, the most popular item on the menu, and they were amazing. Such a good choice. Just thinking about those tacos is making me hungry! The marina was full of boats. Puerto Rico is a popular destination for luxury sailing, and we saw an entire fleet of beautiful sailboats. Brian and I strolled over the docks, taking in at each one, but I didn't want to be rude and take pictures of people's homes.

While Brian was off getting our visits coordinated, I sat at the bar and chatted with an older native Puerto Rican who was temporarily back at his home port but lived his life sailing the world. The way he talked, I could tell he still had a passion for the ocean even after many years of living on it. Hopefully, if Brian and I ever return to the island, I'll see him again. Maybe buy him a local beer.

Del Ray also had a dry dock section of the marina dedicated to the boats that were damaged by Hurricane Maria, which tore across the northern shoreline of Puerto Rico. So many boats had been abandoned! We talked to a young guy who worked at the marina, who took us out to see a couple of them (As a side, he had Romans 5 written out on a small whiteboard in his office, in Spanish). The ones we were most interested in were the two Lagoon 450 Catamarans. They are pretty awesome. And so much bigger in person!! I could see Brian's mind working away, trying to find an angle where we would be justified – no, compelled – to buy one. :) If we ever acquire a luxury yacht, my faithful blog readers will be the first to know. ;)

This is what it used to look like (or something like this):

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