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In what seems like the blink of an eye, Christina graduated from Samford University. I'm sure to her it did not seem like the blink of an eye. She worked incredibly hard all four years in order to to walk across the stage last Friday and receive her diploma. This summer will be one of further studying – she's going to prepare for the CPA exam, just like Conor is doing right now. Christina, we love you and wish all God's best for you. Your accomplishments makes us proud, but even so, we are blessed to call you ours simply because of who you are.





The weather before the graduation ceremony was beautiful, and I was really impressed by Samford's historic buildings and campus landscaping. The downpour came as soon as the ceremony concluded, thoroughly soaking everyone who stepped outside. So instead of touring the campus and getting family photos, we jumped in our cars and reconvened at Brio Tuscan Grille for a celebratory lunch. 

At the restaurant Bill discovered chicken marsala on the menu. Chicken marsala, he told us, was a memorable dish to him. The first time he had it was back when he and Maura were newly married and they were scraping by with one, maybe two kids. They didn't have the opportunity to eat expensively, and most meals involved powdered versions of things and cheap meats. One day he and Maura took the kids on a visit to see Mary and Pete at college. They all headed to the college cafeteria for dinner, and lo and behold, these footloose and fancy free college kids were ordering an expensive dish called chicken marsala!

At this point in the story, Bill trailed off, thinking of the day. So we asked him, "did you get to eat the chicken marsala too? Or were you regulated to watch from outside the restaurant?" He did, in fact, get to experience chicken marsala, and it was probably the best meal he'd ever eaten. Bill ordered it at the restaurant, promising us all a bite if we wanted. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of this almost mythical dinner. ;) 


After lunch we went to Christina's adorably decorated apartment, where she served us tea and cookies. Those cookies were amazing, by the way. It took a lot of self control to not eat them all. :) We changed clothes and prepared to drive to the beach house early (that afternoon rather than Saturday morning). But not before presenting Christina with her cards! I think one of the most amusing parts of the day was Brian's homemade card to Christina. He had really put a lot of effort (and self-congratulatory chuckles) into his work of art, and I know he was excited for her to appreciate it.



Congratulations, sweetie. You definitely earned it.


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