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sea isle sunset

At last! The long-anticipated beach week finally arrived. Monday afternoon we threw our bags in the FJ, secured the kayaks on top, and off we went! Sea Isle or bust. Shortly after Brian and I pulled up to the house, Sarah insisted we walk to the beach for the sunset. There is nothing quite like witnessing the golden hour at the ocean. I drank it all in – the wide open space, the softly crashing waves, and of course the beautifully painted sky. How can anyone watch a sunset without being overwhelmed by the goodness of God?

meanwhile in sea isle

sea isle collage2
Ah, New Jersey. How I've missed your salty air, your wonderfully sunny beaches, and your small town charm. It's like coming back home and being greeted with 20 oz. of Wawa coffee. It never gets old. I forgot about your "teacup handle" left turn roadway design. Not impressed. Perhaps we can discuss that later.

grilling out with friends


This is just a quick shout-out to our good friends Christine and Edgar. They invited us and some other really sweet friends to their house for a BBQ. Everybody had a great time. Edgar made us some world-class ribs, sausage, and pulled pork on the Big Green Egg, and Christine worked equally hard prepping the house. ;) After lunch we thought about playing a board game, but the kids convinced us to spend the afternoon outside while they shrieked and giggled on the slip-n-slide. It was a good call. Those kids played hard, and it was adorable. I especially liked Esteban's excitement at getting rocket launched down the slide, even though it usually meant careening off the edge. Haha. Boys will be boys. As a side note, Ali and Scarlett are almost the same age – Ali just turned 7 and Scarlett is 6.5… how crazy is their height difference?! 

date night & fireworks


I'm not sure when exactly it started, but Brian and I have created a loose tradition of going out to eat for date night once a week. The warm weather probably has something to do with it. We try to go to places with outdoor seating to take full advantage of our summer nights. It's been a great way to reconnect at the end of a long day or week. It provides a great excuse to slow down, set down our electronics, and interact with the people in our community. Or just each other, if that's what we want. :)  This particular night we grabbed quesadillas from California Tortilla. As we sat outside enjoying our food, fireworks started going off. They were coming from the nearby town center. Dusk had settled by the time we finished eating, so Brian put the top down on the convertible and we went on an impulsive drive toward the source. It was so fun to see the fireworks from inside the car. A bunch of people were pulled over on the side of the road to watch, and the town center parking lot was nearly maxed out. We squeezed in and enjoyed being part of fun – even though we had no idea what we were celebrating! Haha. 

sea isle city


It was the best of times. :) Brian and I spent the weekend at Megan and Tully's in Sea Isle, NJ. So did Maeve and Majella, and Cathleen and Mike! Mags, stopped by too, so including kids there were 15 of us! Plus Sham and Shan when they came over for dinner Sunday night to celebrate Shan's birthday. It was a full house for sure. There was something going on all weekend – meals, beach, birthdays, naps, the Olympics, fireworks, and just general running around. None of us would have it any other way.

take me out to the ball games


Yep that's right, games. We went to two Washington Nationals games – one Friday night with Bill and Christina, and one Saturday night with my work colleagues. They were at the same stadium but felt like two totally different (but awesome) events.

camping at the beach

Royce Bair via Into The Night Photography

Had I been a professional photographer, this is what I would have been able to capture Saturday night at the beach. The sky was so inky blue, and the milky way stretched across it like an infinitely large and complex tapestry. I am so overwhelmed by the size of God when I see the vastness of the skies. 

beach bums


We quickly realized that last time we visited Assateague it was unusually empty. But this was weekend numero uno that kids were out on summer break! And to prevent overcrowding on the beach, the park imposed a 145-vehicle limit… so we had to wait in a line of trucks to get onto the beach! It was one on, one off – which is nerve wracking when you drive three hours to arrive, only to hope somebody is simultaneously packing up to head home.

assateague island


Where there is adventure, Brian is certainly involved. In fact, he is usually the mastermind behind all our fun and crazy ideas. We have talked about going to Assateague Island for years now. We almost went last weekend, and almost went again this past Saturday. But between the weather forecast and some prior commitments, we decided to postpone again. Just in case, though, Brian wanted us to go to the Saturday evening church service. Because you never know what Sunday might bring. 

the battle of the boards


Okay, so the title may be a bit melodramatic. Brian found paddle boards for sale on Craigslist. I saw the price tag and said "not a chance." He said "it would be so fun" and I said "not a chance." So here we are, brand new owners of two swanky boards, paddles, and leashes.

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