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The eclipse wasn't a big deal until suddenly it was. And that was about 15 minutes beforehand. Alexandria and I went out for some iced coffee around 2, and on our way back to the building we saw several of our coworkers gathering on the market square across the street. Not to be left out of the fun, she and I joined the ever-growing crowd. What's fun is that some people actually came prepared: Alexandria brought paper with holes punched in it, another person brought a FedEx box with a similar eclipse-viewing contraption, and a few people even brought official eclipse sunglasses (which they kindly passed around). 

ice cream and sunny days


THIS GIRL had a birthday last week! We celebrated in style by walking outside and eating our homemade lunches in the sun. ;) But wait, it gets even better: Christina's birthday was also Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's! We speed-walked over and got in line. Apparently free ice cream is a popular concept! …Though probably not the best business model. It was fun to see the local police officers help out behind the counter and chat with people outside in the street. Made the whole event more festive! It seems like everyone was celebrating Christina's birthday. :)

march reflections


Different parts of the country produce different naturally-occurring events to signify the passing of time. The Midwest has harvest time. Boston has the changing of the leaves. Florida has the arrival of the manatees. DC has cherry blossoms. We Washingtonians anticipate and marvel in the short window of pink blossoms softening this hard city. We recount our days by referencing these delicate petals. I remember this time last year: Justice Scalia passed away, the unusually warm winter made the cherry trees bloom early, and Brian started a new job

let the celebrations commence!


The giddiness has arrived. We've been playing brass ensemble Christmas music nonstop since Thanksgiving. Decorations are up, the calendar is filling in quickly, and delicious food abounds. I have all sorts of gift ideas for people, now that we're just over a week away from Christmas. Wait what??? A week away from Christmas?!? I don't even have our Christmas cards ordered!! PANIC


pool time

You know when things are quiet on the blog that things are busy in real life. My usual time for writing got completely sucked away the last couple weeks and instead was replaced with all sorts of summertime activities: grilling out, running at night, lounging in the pool, drooling over my new cookbook (thanks C+E!), watching the rain storms, putting up new blinds and light fixtures, and eating ice cream. It’s a hard life, let me tell you, but somebody’s gotta step up. Brian and Ashley reporting for duty.

la frégate l’hermione


Today I went to see the perfect replica of a French 18th century warship temporarily docked at the Alexandria Marina. La frégate L’Hermione is historically famous because it carried Major General Lafayette from France to America, reuniting the French general with George Washington, and ultimately leading to the successful end of America’s Revolutionary War.

The Marquis de Lafayette is certainly an extraordinary figure of modern history: throughout his life, he held firmly to the belief that, with God, nothing is ever impossible. As a young man Lafayette played a critical role in securing America’s independence from Britain. John Adams declared, “He devoted himself, his life, his fortune, his hereditary honors, his towering ambition, his splendid hopes, all to the cause of liberty.”

old town farmers market


Saturday morning Brian and I met up with the Benitez fam at the Old Town farmers’ market. What an awesome place. I couldn’t decide what I liked more: the food or the flowers! We could have easily spent hundreds of dollars on all sorts of fresh goodness, but limited ourselves to only the things we needed. Well, I use the term “needed” loosely. I probably didn’t “need” the peaches for my sangria that evening, but they sure were great! We purchased some tomatoes and melons, too. We didn’t buy peach blossoms even though I really love how beautiful they are. Maybe next time. I can always find a reason to go back!

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