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florida beach house – part 1


The Smith family continued celebrating Christina's graduation by traveling down to Panama City Beach for a weekend of sun, sand, and water.  And artisan coffee. And really good Mexican food. Most of us made it down to celebrate with Christina: Conor drove down from Greenville; Sarah, Elena, Bill and Maura flew in from Maryland; and Brian and I flew over from Virginia. We were only missing Samuel, Matthew, and Kristen. I love spending time with family. With siblings growing up and graduating college and moving away, I realize more and more how precious these short days are together. Time doesn't stand still for anyone. And yet we have this unchanging promise: God is good.

snorkeling the caymans


What a welcome to the Grand Caymans! Our hotel is right on the infamous Seven Milie Beach, so all we have to do is grab our snorkel gear and walk outside into the sunshine. When it comes to large bodies of water, this is by far my favorite: calm, clear, shallow and warm. The manmade reefs are teaming with brightly colored and curious fish. As soon as we waded in, schools of them circled around us, waiting to see if we'd produce food. The visibility is amazing. I was made for these turquoise waters.

camping at the beach

Royce Bair via Into The Night Photography

Had I been a professional photographer, this is what I would have been able to capture Saturday night at the beach. The sky was so inky blue, and the milky way stretched across it like an infinitely large and complex tapestry. I am so overwhelmed by the size of God when I see the vastness of the skies. 

assateague island


Where there is adventure, Brian is certainly involved. In fact, he is usually the mastermind behind all our fun and crazy ideas. We have talked about going to Assateague Island for years now. We almost went last weekend, and almost went again this past Saturday. But between the weather forecast and some prior commitments, we decided to postpone again. Just in case, though, Brian wanted us to go to the Saturday evening church service. Because you never know what Sunday might bring. 

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