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sadie and the paparazzi

It seems fitting to end this series of vacation blog posts with a few sunset photos of the World's Most Photographed Dog. Sadie is 16 years old and therefore doesn't move around that quickly anymore. But at the beach it was a whole different story. She seemed to come alive once her paws hit the sand. Her trail of paparazzi could hardly keep pace as she zipped along. It was pretty adorable. Sadie is most definitely a beach dog.

jenga, drones, and being together

This week has been a long time in coming. I think a lot of us were more than ready to put our hectic work lives behind us for awhile and slow down to “island time”. Both Seanathair’s and Seanmhathair’s health have been declining this past year. It’s been pressing on us to visit with them as often as possible while Seanathair still has some recollection of who we are. Also, the little cousins are growing up so fast, and we want to be part of their childhood memories. Even if they are running around too much to notice us, we see them. The O’Clisham family is special because they show up for each other and they truly love each other. 

beach house at 52nd

Our rental house was super charming and had a great living room and kitchen hangout area, but the best part of the whole house was the porch. Everyone congregated there. It was perfect for sipping that coveted Wawa coffee or breaking out the acoustic guitar. Any reason at all to enjoy that fresh ocean air. We were just a few blocks from the beach but still close to town. It was the perfect setup.

sea isle sunset

At last! The long-anticipated beach week finally arrived. Monday afternoon we threw our bags in the FJ, secured the kayaks on top, and off we went! Sea Isle or bust. Shortly after Brian and I pulled up to the house, Sarah insisted we walk to the beach for the sunset. There is nothing quite like witnessing the golden hour at the ocean. I drank it all in – the wide open space, the softly crashing waves, and of course the beautifully painted sky. How can anyone watch a sunset without being overwhelmed by the goodness of God?

nova nation

It was the day of the Super Bowl: Eagles vs. Patriots (should have been Vikings vs. Patriots… that still stings). But we had a more important game to attend. In Philly no less. What was it? NCAA Mens Basketball: Villanova vs. Seton Hall. This was a special game, not because of who was playing, per se, but because of who was watching. The whole "Jersey Crew" showed up in support of Seanathair's birthday. Shan's alma mater (one of them) was Villanova, the prestigious Catholic university in Philadelphia. 

meanwhile in sea isle

sea isle collage2
Ah, New Jersey. How I've missed your salty air, your wonderfully sunny beaches, and your small town charm. It's like coming back home and being greeted with 20 oz. of Wawa coffee. It never gets old. I forgot about your "teacup handle" left turn roadway design. Not impressed. Perhaps we can discuss that later.

happy birthday declan!

This little goofball turned two! Tully and Megan invited us up for Declan's big birthday bash. And it was big! There were easily 50 people there, at least a third of whom were kids. A lot of family traveled in to make it, plus friends and coworkers with their kids in tow. Brian and I came the night before and helped with setup. In all, the backyard held a tent for shucking oysters, a wildly popular inflatable bouncy house, a cool sandbox house, and Tully's newly licensed and purchased hotdog cart (Hero Dogs). That doesn't even account for the food and drink spread. At first I thought, "why would you go through all this effort" but then I saw the massive windfall of gifts – plus the fun of hosting a party – and my mind totally changed. Big birthday bashes for everyone! :)

sea isle family


Saturday was mid 70s and sunny, the perfect excuse to drive the new convertible up to NJ for a weekend of quality family time. :) There was a good group of us – Tully & Megan with Declan, Mags with Fiona & Joe, Sham & Shan, Brian & me, and Megan's sister's two kids. The young cousins are getting bigger and Brian's grandfather is declining in health, so we wanted to get in some more time with them. The 3.5 hour drive isn't that long when compared to the hike to Louisville or upstate NY. If anything, it was another reminder to Brian and me that we shouldn't wait so long between visits. Family matters to us, and we want them to know that.

sea isle city


It was the best of times. :) Brian and I spent the weekend at Megan and Tully's in Sea Isle, NJ. So did Maeve and Majella, and Cathleen and Mike! Mags, stopped by too, so including kids there were 15 of us! Plus Sham and Shan when they came over for dinner Sunday night to celebrate Shan's birthday. It was a full house for sure. There was something going on all weekend – meals, beach, birthdays, naps, the Olympics, fireworks, and just general running around. None of us would have it any other way.

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