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birthday part I


This was a super last-minute trip, to the point where Mom wasn't sure whether to mail my birthday card or hand it to me. Ha. Sorry, Mom. But it wasn't really indecision; more like a lack of time to make a decision. Brian and I had a lot going on leading up to Labor Day weekend: Brian had just started a new job and was spending a lot of overtime there even in the first week. He spent his remaining waking hours studying our budget and spending trends. I was busy with a couple big work projects, and all my free time was spent on homework for this certification I'm trying to get. We were also looking into flights to MN that turned out to be prohibitively expensive. Our only two sources of relaxation were walking Sasha and watching the US Open (btw, how fun is professional tennis??).

gun club


Happy 4th of July! Brian, Tony and I spent the extended holiday weekend visiting Mom and Dad in Indiana. We grilled out every evening, got some yard work done, and then had some fun! And what is more patriotic than exercising our 2nd amendment right on Independence Day? Mom and Dad are active members at their local gun club and they took the three of us to the outdoor range twice during our visit. Besides, Brian and I wanted to break in our G19. :)

weekend with family


Thanksgiving was pretty busy this year between meal preparation, getting our pictures taken, helping Mom digitize her photo albums, and going shopping (Mom and me) or to the gun range (the guys). We had the photo shoot right after our Thanksgiving meal, which was probably not the best order, but we made it work. It forced us to not overindulge, but then we rewarded ourselves with lots of pie after we got back! So there was no lack of food consumption.



This has taken forever for me to post because, frankly, I wasn't sure how to choose the best photos and videos. I have such a soft spot for animals and was snapping (or filming) away constantly. For me the best parts of the zoo were:

1) Being there with my family
2) Walking outside in the warm, summer-like weather
3) The orangutan
4) The elephants
5) Giraffes and penguins (not together)
6) All the other animals

we got this


Don't we look like professional adventurers? Maybe we're about to climb that rock wall. Maybe we just rappelled down it. You don't know. Doesn't matter, 'cuz we're ready for whatever extreme adventure you throw at us.

the plan worked


It was a rather last-minute plan – driving the 10 hours to Louisville to see Mom and Dad. Tony had the time off, so we made a family reunion out of it. Of course, after driving so far, both Tony and Brian were exhausted. After church they retreated into the livingroom, sprawled out on the sofa and the recliner, and promptly fell asleep. What were the rest of us to do? There was a nearby state park I really wanted to check out while we were in town, so Mom, Dad and I took Sasha for a walk around the peaceful 2.5 mile loop.

it’s thanksgiving!


All five of us together for four days over a holiday. This rarely ever happens. Leap Year probably occurs more often. Yet here we are, at Mom and Dad's, celebrating Thanksgiving together and with our extended family. One of many things to be thankful for. (And aren't we a fine looking group!)

29 again


We took a similar photo on Labor Day last year. I'm gonna go ahead and say none of us have changed a bit. Nevermind that I'm technically in an entirely new decade. Mom says the thirties are exactly like the twenties, but with more new life events and more wisdom. Sounds nice, but I'm a bit skeptical. 30 is entirely too close to 40.

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