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easter with family

What a beautiful Easter weekend! The sun came out and warmed up the chilly April air. The budding trees provided a great and timely reminder of life after death. Death is conquered, as proved by the empty tomb. Jesus is a living savior! Because he lives, so do I.

cultivate conference

Source: Cultivate

The weekend arrived so much faster than I thought it would, and before I knew it, Maura and Sarah showed up at my house to pick me up for the women's conference! Even though it was nearby, Maura booked a hotel room for the three of us. After a late lunch of blackened fish tacos, we headed to the hotel to drop out things off and get a quick workout in at the hotel gym. We had just enough time to get changed and head over to Reston Bible Church for the Friday evening portion of "Cultivate". Cultivate is Kelly Minter's ministry. She was the keynote speaker, and her teaching was phenomenal.



Saturday night the Newsboys were in town. The last time I saw them in concert was Christmas 2006 in Beijing. It was an emotional time back then, because that concert was the first one the Chinese government allowed the Newsboys (an overtly Christian band) to perform in China, and I got to be there. It was also emotional because that concert was my last night in Beijing.

baptize the nations


It's humbling when God reminds me just how big He is. He is not the God of the American WASP community. He is the God who made and is sovereign over all the nations of the Earth. The truths that God promised me, he also promised the poor single mother in Baghdad. The Jesus of the Bible associated with everyone, not just the ones he was expected to associate with. The Holy Spirit is able to convict the hardest hearts in the toughest situations and make disciples out of the wariest of souls (just look at Paul). Every once in awhile I get a glimpse of this far-reaching, rule-breaking God. 

restoring beauty


I am so pleased to show off the new addition to our photo wall! A friend of ours creates custom frames using invitations and other design elements from a specific event, like our wedding. I'm thrilled with how it turned out. It fits our design esthetic beautifully. And beyond that, it's a visible reminder that God can restore memories and make what was tough, beautiful again. Let me tell you what I mean.

who has too much joy?


God answered one of our prayers today. I didn't even recognize it as an answered prayer until relaying what happened to Brian, and he reminded me of what's been on our hearts the last few days. The prayer is simple. We've been asking God to provide the means for us to ease others' suffering. Life is really tough; people need help and they need hope.

the good life


+ Our friends Edgar and Christine came over for the afternoon (sans kids!) and we had a blast with them. I always forget how much I laugh with Christine. She and I have such fun together. After a trendy lunch at Whole Foods *wink* we came back to the house and played Mexican Train and Sequence. Brian and I bought MT a few months ago after Edgar and Christine introduced it to us, simply because we had so much fun playing it with them. And this time around they introduced us to Sequence, which we also loved playing with them, so I think it'll be a game we'll add to our (short) list of fun board games. They also brought sangria and chips and guac. These are amazing friends and we will keep them for ourselves!!

# I am a christian


About a month ago Brian and I created a response video in support of Ben Carson's #IamAChristian photo. It was right around the time of the Oregon school shooting, when the gunman killed students based on their profession of the Christian faith. It was also right before the annual Washington Prayer Gathering in DC. There was a lot of chatter on social media, as there always is with anything emotional, political, or spiritual. With all these things swirling around on our feeds and in our minds, it seemed appropriate to take a stand.

whatever is true


Samuel just turned eighteen, which is the reason we went up to NY last weekend. Birthday celebrations were in full swing, and we hardly saw the man of the hour the entire time! It was touching that all the men in his life (including his brothers) encouraged Samuel and gave him godly instruction for the next chapter in his life. Some spoke, others wrote letters, and a few made short videos. Brian and I made Sam a video while we were at the apple orchard. It turned out pretty well. I hope it was encouraging to him.

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