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grilling out with friends


This is just a quick shout-out to our good friends Christine and Edgar. They invited us and some other really sweet friends to their house for a BBQ. Everybody had a great time. Edgar made us some world-class ribs, sausage, and pulled pork on the Big Green Egg, and Christine worked equally hard prepping the house. ;) After lunch we thought about playing a board game, but the kids convinced us to spend the afternoon outside while they shrieked and giggled on the slip-n-slide. It was a good call. Those kids played hard, and it was adorable. I especially liked Esteban's excitement at getting rocket launched down the slide, even though it usually meant careening off the edge. Haha. Boys will be boys. As a side note, Ali and Scarlett are almost the same age – Ali just turned 7 and Scarlett is 6.5… how crazy is their height difference?! 

annapolis boat show


Sunday dawned with beautiful weather, and Brian and I took full advantage. We met up with Brian's cousin Cathleen and her husband Mike for the annual Annapolis boat show. There were so many beautiful sailboats, and we got to go on board and tour whichever ones we wanted. Brian told me all about the different boats as we walked by them. I know significantly less than him, but at least now I can say I've been on a luxury catamaran! :) I now understand why those are Brian's favorite. They are laid out so perfectly for a weekend getaway to the islands. As Brian, Mike, Cathleen and I sat on a swinging recliner, the sales rep told us we could go in together and rent that catamaran for an evening event or party. How fun! And impractical. ;) But I do like the idea of it. I hope somebody kept her card…

ice cream and sunny days


THIS GIRL had a birthday last week! We celebrated in style by walking outside and eating our homemade lunches in the sun. ;) But wait, it gets even better: Christina's birthday was also Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's! We speed-walked over and got in line. Apparently free ice cream is a popular concept! …Though probably not the best business model. It was fun to see the local police officers help out behind the counter and chat with people outside in the street. Made the whole event more festive! It seems like everyone was celebrating Christina's birthday. :)

I’ve committed

Marrying Mr Darcy

…to this decade. I am a full earth's orbit past 30, and there's no going back.

Christina bought me the cutest birthday gift – a card came called "Marrying Mr. Darcy." She and I played her copy of it once, with Brian. It was a tough fight but I walked away with Mr. Darcy's proposal. Brian technically won, though, with his wit, beauty and inheritance outmatching ours. I think it's hilarious that Brian won that game. Poor Christina wound up an old maid but at least she was a rich and respected author. And at least she didn't get roped into marrying the terrible Mr. Wickham!!! ;)

take me out to the ball games


Yep that's right, games. We went to two Washington Nationals games – one Friday night with Bill and Christina, and one Saturday night with my work colleagues. They were at the same stadium but felt like two totally different (but awesome) events.

bestie, registered nurse


I am so proud of you, Christine!! You decided to go back to school to get your nursing degree after being a stay-at-home mom for your two sweet kiddos. The scheduling got especially crazy when Edgar switched jobs and you started rotations. I remember those exams you prepped for. I know the sleep you indefinitely postponed so that the kids would get baths and hubby would have someone waiting for him after those late shifts. You handled putting your little guy in daycare, nursing presentations, school bus bullies, getting to church, sicknesses+injuries, cleaning the house, shifting schedules, spending time with family+friends, and prioritizing your marriage. You rose to each challenge and made it work. And here you are, Christine Benitez, RN. Heck yeah, friend! God is so good!

bathtime for sasha


Ali and Esteban spent the lunch hour after church with us while Christine volunteered in the nursery. We took them to the cafeteria for a healthy lunch of pizza and fries, and then out to the playground to work off all the condensed energy found in those little bodies. I growled myself hoarse playing "monster" but it was worth it. :)

the good life


+ Our friends Edgar and Christine came over for the afternoon (sans kids!) and we had a blast with them. I always forget how much I laugh with Christine. She and I have such fun together. After a trendy lunch at Whole Foods *wink* we came back to the house and played Mexican Train and Sequence. Brian and I bought MT a few months ago after Edgar and Christine introduced it to us, simply because we had so much fun playing it with them. And this time around they introduced us to Sequence, which we also loved playing with them, so I think it'll be a game we'll add to our (short) list of fun board games. They also brought sangria and chips and guac. These are amazing friends and we will keep them for ourselves!!

let the celebrations commence!


The giddiness has arrived. We've been playing brass ensemble Christmas music nonstop since Thanksgiving. Decorations are up, the calendar is filling in quickly, and delicious food abounds. I have all sorts of gift ideas for people, now that we're just over a week away from Christmas. Wait what??? A week away from Christmas?!? I don't even have our Christmas cards ordered!! PANIC

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