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grilling out with friends


This is just a quick shout-out to our good friends Christine and Edgar. They invited us and some other really sweet friends to their house for a BBQ. Everybody had a great time. Edgar made us some world-class ribs, sausage, and pulled pork on the Big Green Egg, and Christine worked equally hard prepping the house. ;) After lunch we thought about playing a board game, but the kids convinced us to spend the afternoon outside while they shrieked and giggled on the slip-n-slide. It was a good call. Those kids played hard, and it was adorable. I especially liked Esteban's excitement at getting rocket launched down the slide, even though it usually meant careening off the edge. Haha. Boys will be boys. As a side note, Ali and Scarlett are almost the same age – Ali just turned 7 and Scarlett is 6.5… how crazy is their height difference?! 

cracked conch


Tuesday was the first official day of the conference. I was onsite and setting up my table at 6:30 am. The attendees had me running around continually until well after it ended that evening. As a thank you, my supervisor Gary treated Brian and me to dinner. 

The restaurant he chose was the Cracked Conch. For those who don't know what a conch is (just me? okay), it's a mollusk that lives in those well-known beautiful pink spiral shells. I tried the conch platter and didn't mind it. It kind of tasted like calamari.

continental breakfast

none of the gorgeous food shots are mine because I have a fear of taking food pictures in public

Sunday morning we woke up with the day entirely to ourselves. The first thing on my agenda was, of course, coffee and breakfast. Brian and I made our way downstairs to the lobby, where breakfast was in full swing. Everywhere we looked, people milled about, eating exquisite crepes and yogurt in mini mason jars. It was a magical land of elegantly displayed food and I was drawn to it immediately. 

let the celebrations commence!


The giddiness has arrived. We've been playing brass ensemble Christmas music nonstop since Thanksgiving. Decorations are up, the calendar is filling in quickly, and delicious food abounds. I have all sorts of gift ideas for people, now that we're just over a week away from Christmas. Wait what??? A week away from Christmas?!? I don't even have our Christmas cards ordered!! PANIC

it’s thanksgiving!


All five of us together for four days over a holiday. This rarely ever happens. Leap Year probably occurs more often. Yet here we are, at Mom and Dad's, celebrating Thanksgiving together and with our extended family. One of many things to be thankful for. (And aren't we a fine looking group!)

pizza party


Doesn't Sarah take the best food pictures? Saturday evening Sarah, Brian, Bill and I wanted to crash after our full day in Annapolis. Brian ordered pizzas from Whole Foods, Bill went to the gym, and Sarah and I headed to the pool. Sarah and I goofed off and tossed a ball around for an hour until Brian arrived with the pizzas. Bill made his way over to the pool area too, and the four of us had our own pizza party. I'm sure the other people at the pool were jealous. It smelled and tasted delicious.


pool time

You know when things are quiet on the blog that things are busy in real life. My usual time for writing got completely sucked away the last couple weeks and instead was replaced with all sorts of summertime activities: grilling out, running at night, lounging in the pool, drooling over my new cookbook (thanks C+E!), watching the rain storms, putting up new blinds and light fixtures, and eating ice cream. It’s a hard life, let me tell you, but somebody’s gotta step up. Brian and Ashley reporting for duty.

memorial day weekend


What a beautiful weekend! I spent much of it sitting outside my in-law’s house in upstate NY, catching some rays. The weekend was packed. It started for us at 4:30am Saturday. Brian and I were on the road, coffee in hand, before 5:30. We were a little worried that holiday traffic would start early and we’d get stuck on 95N, but no such thing! We made it through Baltimore, Christiana, Philadelphia, and NYC without incident. AMAZING.

old town farmers market


Saturday morning Brian and I met up with the Benitez fam at the Old Town farmers’ market. What an awesome place. I couldn’t decide what I liked more: the food or the flowers! We could have easily spent hundreds of dollars on all sorts of fresh goodness, but limited ourselves to only the things we needed. Well, I use the term “needed” loosely. I probably didn’t “need” the peaches for my sangria that evening, but they sure were great! We purchased some tomatoes and melons, too. We didn’t buy peach blossoms even though I really love how beautiful they are. Maybe next time. I can always find a reason to go back!

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