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saturday night baseball

This weekend turned out really fun! We found $5 Nats tickets online and invited Sarah to join us for a night at the ballpark. We all split a bucket of chicken and fries which we totally got ripped off on because the entire bottom half of the bucket was crumpled paper! The regular fans probably know how to find the good deals. Perhaps someday that will be us! But until then, we'll be the ones holding kid-sized fountain drinks and pulling paper out of our chicken buckets. ;) 

sadie and the paparazzi

It seems fitting to end this series of vacation blog posts with a few sunset photos of the World's Most Photographed Dog. Sadie is 16 years old and therefore doesn't move around that quickly anymore. But at the beach it was a whole different story. She seemed to come alive once her paws hit the sand. Her trail of paparazzi could hardly keep pace as she zipped along. It was pretty adorable. Sadie is most definitely a beach dog.

beach house at 52nd

Our rental house was super charming and had a great living room and kitchen hangout area, but the best part of the whole house was the porch. Everyone congregated there. It was perfect for sipping that coveted Wawa coffee or breaking out the acoustic guitar. Any reason at all to enjoy that fresh ocean air. We were just a few blocks from the beach but still close to town. It was the perfect setup.

sea isle sunset

At last! The long-anticipated beach week finally arrived. Monday afternoon we threw our bags in the FJ, secured the kayaks on top, and off we went! Sea Isle or bust. Shortly after Brian and I pulled up to the house, Sarah insisted we walk to the beach for the sunset. There is nothing quite like witnessing the golden hour at the ocean. I drank it all in – the wide open space, the softly crashing waves, and of course the beautifully painted sky. How can anyone watch a sunset without being overwhelmed by the goodness of God?

brunch in annapolis

It was another Irish Catholic family reunion. Cathleen and Mike invited everyone to their home for brunch, and two dozen of us showed up! Half from New Jersey and the other half from DC. Even Sham and Shan made it down. Is there a better way to spend your Saturday than catching up with your crazy family in the warm spring air, sipping mimosas and eating quiche? Let me answer for you: no, there is not. Thank you Cathleen for pulling this all together and being such a wonderful host!

elena’s birthday

Happiest of birthdays to one of my very favorite sisters-in-law! I am so glad you came into our family four years ago. Life has certainly changed because of you, and we are blessed to know you. We wish God's best for you this coming year.

easter at the bay

Sunday afternoon proved to be even more beautiful than Saturday at the golf course. After church and lunch the group of us (minus thr napping Conor and Sadie) headed down to the bay to skip rocks and soak up the sun. It never gets old looking at the serene water. I can't wait to bring out the kayaks, but that may have to wait another month or two! Sasha is the only one who actually ventured into the water. She loved it! I'll have to buy her a new doggie water boomerang so we can play fetch. :) Bill and Sarah were the clear winners at skipping rocks. Conceptually I know it's all in the wrist, but practically I end up chucking each rock speedily into the watery depths. Clearly my skills lie elsewhere.

easter with family

What a beautiful Easter weekend! The sun came out and warmed up the chilly April air. The budding trees provided a great and timely reminder of life after death. Death is conquered, as proved by the empty tomb. Jesus is a living savior! Because he lives, so do I.

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