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saturday night baseball

This weekend turned out really fun! We found $5 Nats tickets online and invited Sarah to join us for a night at the ballpark. We all split a bucket of chicken and fries which we totally got ripped off on because the entire bottom half of the bucket was crumpled paper! The regular fans probably know how to find the good deals. Perhaps someday that will be us! But until then, we'll be the ones holding kid-sized fountain drinks and pulling paper out of our chicken buckets. ;) 

rend collective

Friday night we did what we haven't done in forever: go to a concert! Sarah knew this band called Rend Collective and they were playing in DC, so she, Maura, Elena, Brian and I met up Friday evening to check it out. RCo (as the cool kids call them) is a Christian folk/rock band from Northern Ireland. They put on a great show. It was loud and colorful and it made you wanna jump around. Really really fun. :)

being active outside


Saturday started bright and early with a 7am workout at the Jefferson Memorial – led by none other than: Revelation Wellness instructor Christina! I stayed at her house the night before to cut down on morning drive time, but she and I were still up at 6am. I think it was especially hard to get up because we were up until midnight watching Despicable Me with friends and then preparing the workout playlist. Worth it? Yes. Anyway, the class was great! We got in our running, kickboxing, stair lunges, push-ups, and squats. Christina talked to us about the elements, and how we can be reminded of God in our daily lives. By the end, I was sweaty, sore, and encouraged in my faith.

baseball and family


This was the event I was most looking forward to while Mom and Dad visited. It was also the most expensive – ha! But definitely worth it. Brian and I took Mom and Dad to the Nats game, and there we met up with Bill, Maura, Samuel, Elena and Sarah. It made me so excited to have them all together again. I think the last time (and really, only time) Brian's parents and my parents saw each other was at our wedding nearly three years ago. So much has happened since then! We did a lot of rearranging seats throughout the game in order to give everyone a chance to chat with each other. Most of the time was spent talking; I'm not even sure if anyone followed the game! Well, other than Samuel, who took some impressive photos (see below). Can I also just say – my husband is such a character! I really love spending days like this with him. He makes everything fun.

u.s. botanical gardens


Both my parents love walking around botanical gardens. I can understand why – sights, smells, sounds and textures abound in places like the National Conservatory. We made a priority of getting downtown to see it. God's creativity was overwhelmingly evident as we wandered through the living museum of beautiful and exotic plants from around the world. I especially loved exploring the tropics. Did you know – George Washington is the one who had the idea of a national botanic garden in order to teach people the importance of plants.

air & space museum


Mom and Dad came to DC to visit us over Easter Weekend! Our first stop was the Air and Space Museum. We joined a tour and learned the history behind several planes from the Wright brothers up through WWII, then went off on our own to see all the other cool things.  One of the space hangars houses the Space Shuttle Discovery. It was probably my favorite thing in the museum. That, and the stealth jet. ;)

march reflections


Different parts of the country produce different naturally-occurring events to signify the passing of time. The Midwest has harvest time. Boston has the changing of the leaves. Florida has the arrival of the manatees. DC has cherry blossoms. We Washingtonians anticipate and marvel in the short window of pink blossoms softening this hard city. We recount our days by referencing these delicate petals. I remember this time last year: Justice Scalia passed away, the unusually warm winter made the cherry trees bloom early, and Brian started a new job

iwo jima


The initial reason Brian and I went out wasn't to visit war memorials. Actually, we decided to spend a couple hours walking around the waterfront (where I found the best coffee I've ever tasted). That area is getting built up. The developers have grand plans of a very modern and trendy place to live and work. Soon it will be THE place to be. We wanted to determine if the waterfront was where we could envision ourselves living. It's closer to my job – just a short metro ride away – which is an amazing proposition.

It is definitely a city lifestyle – walking everywhere, expensive "artisan" coffees, and lots of young(ish) people swirling together in a giant melting pot of thoughts, worldviews, and lifestyles. While the waterfront has it's trend appeal, my thought was – this could be a very dynamic place to be a witness for Jesus Christ. 

can’t stay away


Well well well. Look who's back after three months of crickets around the blog. It's not like much has happened. On the national side, President Trump and VP Pence took office, major demonstrations for and against abortion crowded the streets of DC, the President has ordered a temporary ban on refugees entering the country, and Judge Neil Gorsuch was nominated for Supreme Court to replace the late Justice Scalia. On the personal side, I'm almost 2 months into a new job that I love, Brian and I were thiiiis close to moving but decided against it, we had a break-in where only my keys were stolen, and we purchased a G19. (Three of those things are related; I'll let you guess.)

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