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happy birthday declan!

This little goofball turned two! Tully and Megan invited us up for Declan's big birthday bash. And it was big! There were easily 50 people there, at least a third of whom were kids. A lot of family traveled in to make it, plus friends and coworkers with their kids in tow. Brian and I came the night before and helped with setup. In all, the backyard held a tent for shucking oysters, a wildly popular inflatable bouncy house, a cool sandbox house, and Tully's newly licensed and purchased hotdog cart (Hero Dogs). That doesn't even account for the food and drink spread. At first I thought, "why would you go through all this effort" but then I saw the massive windfall of gifts – plus the fun of hosting a party – and my mind totally changed. Big birthday bashes for everyone! :)

birthday part I


This was a super last-minute trip, to the point where Mom wasn't sure whether to mail my birthday card or hand it to me. Ha. Sorry, Mom. But it wasn't really indecision; more like a lack of time to make a decision. Brian and I had a lot going on leading up to Labor Day weekend: Brian had just started a new job and was spending a lot of overtime there even in the first week. He spent his remaining waking hours studying our budget and spending trends. I was busy with a couple big work projects, and all my free time was spent on homework for this certification I'm trying to get. We were also looking into flights to MN that turned out to be prohibitively expensive. Our only two sources of relaxation were walking Sasha and watching the US Open (btw, how fun is professional tennis??).

date night & fireworks


I'm not sure when exactly it started, but Brian and I have created a loose tradition of going out to eat for date night once a week. The warm weather probably has something to do with it. We try to go to places with outdoor seating to take full advantage of our summer nights. It's been a great way to reconnect at the end of a long day or week. It provides a great excuse to slow down, set down our electronics, and interact with the people in our community. Or just each other, if that's what we want. :)  This particular night we grabbed quesadillas from California Tortilla. As we sat outside enjoying our food, fireworks started going off. They were coming from the nearby town center. Dusk had settled by the time we finished eating, so Brian put the top down on the convertible and we went on an impulsive drive toward the source. It was so fun to see the fireworks from inside the car. A bunch of people were pulled over on the side of the road to watch, and the town center parking lot was nearly maxed out. We squeezed in and enjoyed being part of fun – even though we had no idea what we were celebrating! Haha. 

florida beach house – part 1


The Smith family continued celebrating Christina's graduation by traveling down to Panama City Beach for a weekend of sun, sand, and water.  And artisan coffee. And really good Mexican food. Most of us made it down to celebrate with Christina: Conor drove down from Greenville; Sarah, Elena, Bill and Maura flew in from Maryland; and Brian and I flew over from Virginia. We were only missing Samuel, Matthew, and Kristen. I love spending time with family. With siblings growing up and graduating college and moving away, I realize more and more how precious these short days are together. Time doesn't stand still for anyone. And yet we have this unchanging promise: God is good.

christmas eve


Brian and I drove down to his family's home Christmas Eve and were welcomed with a delicious seafood dinner, with specialty bruschetta made by Sarah (which Bill hilariously called garlic bread). Christina made white chocolate and dark chocolate peppermint pretzels and I'm pretty sure I ate the vast majority of the peppermint ones over the course of the weekend. SO good.

We added our pile of Christmas gifts to the already overstuffed space under the tree, and there were rumors that other gifts were still waiting to be wrapped! The rush of being last-minute keeps the excitment going. ;)

I’ve committed

Marrying Mr Darcy

…to this decade. I am a full earth's orbit past 30, and there's no going back.

Christina bought me the cutest birthday gift – a card came called "Marrying Mr. Darcy." She and I played her copy of it once, with Brian. It was a tough fight but I walked away with Mr. Darcy's proposal. Brian technically won, though, with his wit, beauty and inheritance outmatching ours. I think it's hilarious that Brian won that game. Poor Christina wound up an old maid but at least she was a rich and respected author. And at least she didn't get roped into marrying the terrible Mr. Wickham!!! ;)

sea isle city


It was the best of times. :) Brian and I spent the weekend at Megan and Tully's in Sea Isle, NJ. So did Maeve and Majella, and Cathleen and Mike! Mags, stopped by too, so including kids there were 15 of us! Plus Sham and Shan when they came over for dinner Sunday night to celebrate Shan's birthday. It was a full house for sure. There was something going on all weekend – meals, beach, birthdays, naps, the Olympics, fireworks, and just general running around. None of us would have it any other way.

the deacon is 81!


In honor of Brian's grandfather's 81st birthday, here is one of the many, many ridiculous events "the Deacon" found himself in over the years. Retold (and illustrated) by Brian:

#DeaconMemory: (Circa 1982) That time 'the Deacon' left his attaché case outside the bus stop at the Pentagon and the SWAT team nearly took him out, only to discover the attaché case contained 10 lbs of unexploded Lebanon bologna.

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