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easter at the bay

Sunday afternoon proved to be even more beautiful than Saturday at the golf course. After church and lunch the group of us (minus thr napping Conor and Sadie) headed down to the bay to skip rocks and soak up the sun. It never gets old looking at the serene water. I can't wait to bring out the kayaks, but that may have to wait another month or two! Sasha is the only one who actually ventured into the water. She loved it! I'll have to buy her a new doggie water boomerang so we can play fetch. :) Bill and Sarah were the clear winners at skipping rocks. Conceptually I know it's all in the wrist, but practically I end up chucking each rock speedily into the watery depths. Clearly my skills lie elsewhere.

breton bay

Can you believe it? Sixty degrees and sunny! Sarah and I were itching to get out of the house so we took the two dogs down to Breton Bay for some sunshine and exercise. Dogs are so fun! I can't believe Sadie is 16 and Sasha is 10. Where has the time gone?

rocket launch

Ken Kremer /

Lest you think all our adventures are picturesque and perfect, let me share with you our last-minute decision to go see a rocket launch. :)

sunset on a wednesday


After spending another full day in the (fancy but windowless) conference room, my main objective was – of course – to get outside. We only had a couple hours to soak in the sun and ocean breeze, and then it was off to the Grand Old House for dinner. But those two hours were enough. Brian and I spent them wading in the shallow water and staring at the impossibly large clouds. 

snorkeling the caymans


What a welcome to the Grand Caymans! Our hotel is right on the infamous Seven Milie Beach, so all we have to do is grab our snorkel gear and walk outside into the sunshine. When it comes to large bodies of water, this is by far my favorite: calm, clear, shallow and warm. The manmade reefs are teaming with brightly colored and curious fish. As soon as we waded in, schools of them circled around us, waiting to see if we'd produce food. The visibility is amazing. I was made for these turquoise waters.

sea isle city


It was the best of times. :) Brian and I spent the weekend at Megan and Tully's in Sea Isle, NJ. So did Maeve and Majella, and Cathleen and Mike! Mags, stopped by too, so including kids there were 15 of us! Plus Sham and Shan when they came over for dinner Sunday night to celebrate Shan's birthday. It was a full house for sure. There was something going on all weekend – meals, beach, birthdays, naps, the Olympics, fireworks, and just general running around. None of us would have it any other way.

camping at the beach

Royce Bair via Into The Night Photography

Had I been a professional photographer, this is what I would have been able to capture Saturday night at the beach. The sky was so inky blue, and the milky way stretched across it like an infinitely large and complex tapestry. I am so overwhelmed by the size of God when I see the vastness of the skies. 

beach bums


We quickly realized that last time we visited Assateague it was unusually empty. But this was weekend numero uno that kids were out on summer break! And to prevent overcrowding on the beach, the park imposed a 145-vehicle limit… so we had to wait in a line of trucks to get onto the beach! It was one on, one off – which is nerve wracking when you drive three hours to arrive, only to hope somebody is simultaneously packing up to head home.

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