centennial of entering the great war

Western Europe Map
Source: A Brief History of the Great War / Carlton J.H. Hayes, 1920

This week marked the centennial of one of the most consequential events of the 20th century: the United States of America, under President Woodrow Wilson and with the vote of the U.S. Congress, solemnly entered the Great War.

march reflections


Different parts of the country produce different naturally-occurring events to signify the passing of time. The Midwest has harvest time. Boston has the changing of the leaves. Florida has the arrival of the manatees. DC has cherry blossoms. We Washingtonians anticipate and marvel in the short window of pink blossoms softening this hard city. We recount our days by referencing these delicate petals. I remember this time last year: Justice Scalia passed away, the unusually warm winter made the cherry trees bloom early, and Brian started a new job



Hello from Philadelphia! Brian and I needed to drive up to sign the final paperwork for his car, so we decided to make a mini vacation out of it. I'd never been to Philly before, and there's a lot here. Lots of history, which makes sense – this is the birthplace of our country, after all. 

sea isle family


Saturday was mid 70s and sunny, the perfect excuse to drive the new convertible up to NJ for a weekend of quality family time. :) There was a good group of us – Tully & Megan with Declan, Mags with Fiona & Joe, Sham & Shan, Brian & me, and Megan's sister's two kids. The young cousins are getting bigger and Brian's grandfather is declining in health, so we wanted to get in some more time with them. The 3.5 hour drive isn't that long when compared to the hike to Louisville or upstate NY. If anything, it was another reminder to Brian and me that we shouldn't wait so long between visits. Family matters to us, and we want them to know that.

iwo jima


The initial reason Brian and I went out wasn't to visit war memorials. Actually, we decided to spend a couple hours walking around the waterfront (where I found the best coffee I've ever tasted). That area is getting built up. The developers have grand plans of a very modern and trendy place to live and work. Soon it will be THE place to be. We wanted to determine if the waterfront was where we could envision ourselves living. It's closer to my job – just a short metro ride away – which is an amazing proposition.

It is definitely a city lifestyle – walking everywhere, expensive "artisan" coffees, and lots of young(ish) people swirling together in a giant melting pot of thoughts, worldviews, and lifestyles. While the waterfront has it's trend appeal, my thought was – this could be a very dynamic place to be a witness for Jesus Christ. 

can’t stay away


Well well well. Look who's back after three months of crickets around the blog. It's not like much has happened. On the national side, President Trump and VP Pence took office, major demonstrations for and against abortion crowded the streets of DC, the President has ordered a temporary ban on refugees entering the country, and Judge Neil Gorsuch was nominated for Supreme Court to replace the late Justice Scalia. On the personal side, I'm almost 2 months into a new job that I love, Brian and I were thiiiis close to moving but decided against it, we had a break-in where only my keys were stolen, and we purchased a G19. (Three of those things are related; I'll let you guess.)

new years weekend


The morning of NYE (Saturday) we drove down to Harrisonsburg to visit Grandma Bonnie, Mary, Jim, Lisa, Nick and Evan. We spent a few hours at a nearby restaurant catching up with each other. The rest of the group gets together more often since they all live in the same town, but Brian and I hadn't seen these extended family members in several months. It's always a treat. Jim and Lisa (and family) are hopefully visiting Bill and Maura in February, so we will try to make a point to be there, too.

christmas eve


Brian and I drove down to his family's home Christmas Eve and were welcomed with a delicious seafood dinner, with specialty bruschetta made by Sarah (which Bill hilariously called garlic bread). Christina made white chocolate and dark chocolate peppermint pretzels and I'm pretty sure I ate the vast majority of the peppermint ones over the course of the weekend. SO good.

We added our pile of Christmas gifts to the already overstuffed space under the tree, and there were rumors that other gifts were still waiting to be wrapped! The rush of being last-minute keeps the excitment going. ;)

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