brunch with grandma

Yesterday Brian and I had a brunch date with Grandma Bonnie at our new favorite place, the Lotus Kitchen. It’s a quaint home-turned-restaurant with cozy rooms for dining and chatting. This was our first visit with Bonnie since getting back from the cruise and Daufuskie Island, so Brian and I recounted our engagement story and talked over our wedding plans with her. She was almost as excited as we were!

I am still not used to wearing such a beautiful diamond ring. I didn’t know what to do with my hand; I felt like every time I moved, I was purposely showing off the sparkling ring. In fact, near the end of our visit, the couple at the table near us complimented me on my ring. (Is it that obvious, or am I that awkward?) Bonnie said proudly that Brian and I had just gotten engaged, and were telling her all about the engagement and plans for the upcoming wedding.

After brunch I went back with Bonnie to her apartment and saw her rehearsal and wedding outfits. They were both so classy. I felt honored that she purchased two new outfits for our upcoming celebrations. It was a tangible reminder that others care about us and are excited about our wedding! I’m reminded of the picture frame Bonnie gave us years ago. It says “Mr. & Mrs.” on it – our first wedding present. It’s been carefully tucked away all this time, but soon we’ll get to put a wedding picture in that frame and display it! I can’t wait. :)

engagement story


We’re both quite excited about being engaged. I’ve only had the ring for 2 weeks, so you can say it’s a whirlwind every which way! All good things. :)

Brian and I both live in the DC area, but love the south. We’ve had a few occasions to visit family in Savannah, Naples, and other areas along the East Coast, and it has such an easy (and warm!) feel to it. My parents were kind enough to take us on a cruise out of Florida, at which time Brian asked them for their blessing and showed them the ring he got me – and that’s a whole story in itself! Brian played it coy with me, though, and insisted he had no ring on him…I needed to enjoy the trip for what it was, a family vacation. Since he and I had been dating for just over three years, he knew how to convince me out of my suspicions.

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