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It was the day of the Super Bowl: Eagles vs. Patriots (should have been Vikings vs. Patriots… that still stings). But we had a more important game to attend. In Philly no less. What was it? NCAA Mens Basketball: Villanova vs. Seton Hall. This was a special game, not because of who was playing, per se, but because of who was watching. The whole "Jersey Crew" showed up in support of Shanathair's birthday. Shan's alma mater (one of them) was Villanova, the prestigious Catholic university in Philadelphia. 

Tully coordinated getting the family together and purchasing a box seat with food and parking. Knowing the "fly by the seat of the pants" family we have, I'm sure this took years off his life, haha. Thanks Tull for pushing through all the noncommitals and last-minute changes to give Shan and the rest of us a very memorable day. :)

Let the festivities begin!!

And finally, a video snapshot of the day. Go Nova!

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