happy birthday declan!

This little goofball turned two! Tully and Megan invited us up for Declan's big birthday bash. And it was big! There were easily 50 people there, at least a third of whom were kids. A lot of family traveled in to make it, plus friends and coworkers with their kids in tow. Brian and I came the night before and helped with setup. In all, the backyard held a tent for shucking oysters, a wildly popular inflatable bouncy house, a cool sandbox house, and Tully's newly licensed and purchased hotdog cart (Hero Dogs). That doesn't even account for the food and drink spread. At first I thought, "why would you go through all this effort" but then I saw the massive windfall of gifts – plus the fun of hosting a party – and my mind totally changed. Big birthday bashes for everyone! :)


I had to get a picture with Megan looking so cute before the rush of guests came and took her away.

I snagged these pictures because they were too great not to include. On the left is a really sweet picture of Conor and Shan – and then look at Mags photobombing! The best! And then, how fun is that recreated group photo of Sarah, Mags and Maeve? What is that, roughly 20 years between when the two photos were taken? Time flies!




Just what is going on in this photo?! *gasp* Kidding, kidding. ;)




Tully looks perfectly at home rocking his Hero Dogs cart with that Redskins burger spatula. This was Hero Dogs' inaugural event, with Tully at the helm cooking up hotdogs and burgers for the entire crowd. He certainly got his cart broken in, and everyone loved it. If we had paid for our food, that would've been a windfall – ha!


For about an hour we heard a three-noted pied piper wandering around the yard, playing enthusiastically on a recorder. And then, like a leprechaun sighting, there she was behind me! I thought sudden movements might startle her and she'd disappear into the woods, but in fact she was quite a confident little musician. She asked me if I liked her playing, to which I said I did and that she was very good. She corrected me: "No, I'm great!" Touche, little pied piper. Carry on.






This is a sweet photo with Sham and Shan. As they get older our time with them becomes increasingly more precious. Even now they are such a cute couple, and I love watching them interact with each other. I pray they have several more healthy and happy years together.




Declan had a lot of fun tearing open his gifts. He loved everything truck- and Paw Patrol-related. And of course the camping set that Brian and I got him. Obviously. Right, Declan? Right. ;) Happy birthday little guy.

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