grandad & carol visit maryland


…so of course we went to the best seafood restaurant on the Patuxent River.

The week leading up to this weekend was long for both Brian and me. Extended hours at work with new projects and "school" with fast-approaching deadlines meant that we didn't see much of each other. While we wanted to see family, we also wanted to collapse in front of the TV, or maybe just sleep for a few days! That is not how real life works, though. :) Saturday was full of chores and errands. The funny thing about that was, once the house was clean, the fridge full, and the dog walked, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders and I once again had the energy and desire to give back to other people. And that's good because we had big Sunday plans!

As you know Hurricane Irma made an executive decision to bypass Miami and head straight for Naples. This rendered Grandad and Carol's home temporarily uninhabitable. They decided to take a couple weeks of "vacation" and visit family until the water subsided, the gas stations filled back up, and the power was restored. We heard mid-week that they would be in southern Maryland for dinner Sunday night, so Brian and I made the drive down to Bill and Maura's after church to have dinner with them and the rest of the family. Grandad and Elena really seemed to take to each other on this visit, which was sweet to witness.


Bill wanted to show Grandad and Carol the neighborhood, which boasts a picturesque golf course and of course the bay landing. Sarah, permit freshly in hand, drove Brian's two seater convertible down to the water's edge like a pro (I rode with her). Both her dad and grandad found this amusing and endearing. Sarah herself played it cool. ;)




After the quick tour it was across the bridge to Solomons for an authentic Maryland seafood dinner (Brian drove this time). I ordered a Cobb salad with crab meat – it was so good I could have easily eaten that every day for a month. Possibly cost-prohibitive. :)




Grandad, Carol, Bill and Maura had an animated conversation which they all really seemed to enjoy. It's fun watching others so engaged. I got a lot out of our visit. The underlying reason for their visit is a sad one though. I hope things can quickly get back to normal after Hurricane Irma. Being displaced can understandably cause a lot of stress and anxiety, and I'm thankful for my home. I'm thankful for family, too!




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