florida beach house – part 2


Too much happened over the weekend for just one post! Even if it was simply various forms of vacationing. :) Here's part 2.

t h e  h u b

Christina took us to this really fun outdoor community space called The Hub that had small, local restaurants and shopping boutiques. The main open-air "square" included a variety of seating (we snagged the couches), a jumbotron for sports games, cornhole, and live music. I appreciated the industrial string lights and the happy buzz of people chatting away. If I lived in that area, I would definitely go to The Hub often. Since I'm from the north, uncovered outdoor spaces really intrigue me. I love Granddad and Carol's gorgeous lanai down in Naples. I love the evening outdoor concerts over in Savannah. I love all the seaside cabanas found on the Islands. Now I can add The Hub to this list of really fun outdoor spaces. Of course, who you're with makes a big difference. And this time I was with our celebrated graduate and most of the Smith family. (We missed you, Conor, Samuel, Matthew and Kristen!)


g o l f

Brian, Conor, and Bill went golfing at the nearby course, and I joined Brian on the golf cart. We had a good time, especially since the course was unusually quiet and no one was behind us. The wind and the general level of inexperience meant that more than a few balls landed in water, under shrubs, and even in someone's yard! As strictly an observer, I found it quite amusing. But there were some really nice shots, too, so I think everyone came away satisfied.





s u n s e t

The sunsets are stunning here. We were advised to head to the beach for the best view, so rather last-minute a group of us piled in the car and headed over. We were just in time. Sarah brought her good camera and Conor brought the football. A girl came over and thoughtfully offered to take our picture for us (we were struggling with the six-person selfie). Later, once it was dark, Elena and I ran into her again while washing our feet off at the beach exit. We thanked her again and Elena asked “are you married?” The questions that come out of Elena are bold and (generally) endearing. She wasn’t married, but she was hoping to get proposed to soon. :)

Speaking of proposals, Brian and I sat on the beach Saturday night and reminisced about the day he proposed to me. Since this trip fell right around our third anniversary, we had decided to buy some champagne and come back to the beach by ourselves. Three and a half years ago Brian proposed on the beach, in the evening, and with champagne. This time around I already had the ring, but it was fun to talk about all that had happened since then, and guess at what the future held.






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