FL part one: baby alligators

We went to Florida! …Again! After two months of terrible fluctuating weather and knock-you-on-your-seat illnesses, both Brian and I were desperate for some Vitamin D. That Vitamin D came in the form of a one-day trip to Florida. We flew out early Saturday morning, spent the day goofing off, and caught a 9pm flight back. I wouldn't recommend this as a regular practice, but every once in awhile it's worth the long day (and subsequent sleep recovery days). And just looking at pictures of us wearing shorts makes me smile.

At BWI, 5:28 AM. One of us has had coffee, the other has not.

Sunrise over the East Coast. Beautiful.

When we arrived in Ft. Lauderdale we had a decision to make: visit a private beach in Naples or drive the Florida Keys? Choices, choices. ;) Either way, Brian had booked us a convertable to get there. I picked Naples. Off we went.


The main event was an alligator show. Totally unplanned – we were driving through the protected swamp area between Ft. Lauderdale and Naples and saw the sign. It was like clickbait, but in real life. The tour guide let us hold a 3-year-old alligator, which is still surprisingly small. The little guy was very domesticated and loved being held. I suppose when he's 9 feet long he won't get held quite as much. ;)

The guide said "we work for tips!" which was an obvious play on words, given the sign above. ;)

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