The eclipse wasn't a big deal until suddenly it was. And that was about 15 minutes beforehand. Alexandria and I went out for some iced coffee around 2, and on our way back to the building we saw several of our coworkers gathering on the market square across the street. Not to be left out of the fun, she and I joined the ever-growing crowd. What's fun is that some people actually came prepared: Alexandria brought paper with holes punched in it, another person brought a FedEx box with a similar eclipse-viewing contraption, and a few people even brought official eclipse sunglasses (which they kindly passed around). 




We joked that this was probably the most expensive hour at our company. Most of the building came out to see the eclipse, and stood around chatting for awhile before and afterward. Regardless, it was a lot of fun spending time with coworkers doing something other than engineering work (although let's be honest, they bring the engineering with them). It should be noted that we were not in the Path of Totality, so the really cool eclipse photos are not mine. Also there's the fact that I'm only carrying a cell phone…

Surprisingly, it was kind of an emotional event. There was a sense of gravity to it. A cosmic event is, quite frankly, a huge and visible reminder that God is master of the universe – and we are not. Those are musings for another day.



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