christina’s bridal shower

It seemed like just last week I was putting my FJ Cruiser into low gear to get Christina and me up the treacherous muddy trail to the cabin for her bachelorette party. And here we are already, dolled up for her bridal shower! I'm afraid to blink because I can't afford to miss her wedding!! The venue was beautiful and impressive. It really seemed to fit Christina's wedding vision of "Jane Austin" romantic. Nearly all the girls from the bachelorette party were there – plus Christina's mom, her wedding planner, and a friend from work. So I knew a lot of people! Jewel hosted a Jane Austin-themed game where the teams had to guess if a line was from a Jane Austin book or not. It was very difficult for me…. less so for Christina and some of the other girls, haha. Hashani, the maid of honor, brought a stunning cake, and rumor has it she made it herself. So impressive! It was fun to see Jessica again, too. I mean, she compliments my hair color and my height (5'6" vs. her 5'5.5") and my IG videos so naturally we're BFFs. ;) What really struck me most about this bridal shower was how many people came to show their love and support for Christina. She has a lot of people in her corner – a ton of family and another ton of friends. God has certainly blessed her with a great tribe. And I'm happy to be part of it! Congrats Bride-to-be!


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