These are our good friends, Edgar and Christine. The four of us met when we all attended the same church in Maryland, and now we attend the same church in Virginia. It’s a trek for them to drive the long way to church every Sunday (Brian and I know the route well…we did the same thing for months before moving to NOVA), but it’s always great to catch up with them. They have two adorable kids: Aliyana and Esteban. Ali is three and Esteban just turned one. Those kids. They are adorable.

bill and samuel’s visit


Brian’s dad and brother, Bill and Samuel, came down to the DC area for a few days, and on their drive back to NY they stayed over with us. It was great to see them, and my only consolation for such a short visit is that we’ll be seeing them soon at Thanksgiving. They arrived at our home in time for dinner Saturday. The four of us went out to Whole Foods, ordered giant pizzas, and enjoyed their sports bar atmosphere. Sunday morning we all went to church together. Evelyn, the woman who led Elena to Christ, was at the translation booth. Bill passed along the latest about Elena and the family, and we got a picture together. We reluctantly parted ways at church. Bill and Samuel headed back to NY and Brian and I babysat for some friends of ours. It will be fun to see the whole gang in just a few weeks. I miss seeing them every weekend!

beautiful afternoon continues


Sunday afternoon was again perfect weather. We took Sasha on a run through the nearby park. On one of the trails we squeezed past a Boy Scout troop. They looked to be around 4th grade. The boys really liked Sasha’s “backpack”. It reminded me of the veterans’ reoccurring comment yesterday when they saw Sasha’s pack: “You got sandwiches in there?” Of course! Always be prepared!

willow grace


There is so much swirling around in my head from the events of this weekend. I couldn’t sleep last night, my heart was so full. On Saturday, October 18, 2014, I was asked to be the godmother of Willow Grace, expected to be born on December 5th. She is the daughter of Warren and Melissa, and will grow up in a Catholic-Protestant household. She will have the unique experience of learning both major paths of Christianity, and making her own decisions. It will be my role (and her godfather’s role) to help her make wise spiritual and moral choices.

humility and healing


“If you (who are called by my name) humble yourselves, pray, seek me, and turn from your wicked ways: then I will hear from heaven, forgive your sins, and heal your land.”
2 Chronicles 7:14

how I’ve changed since college


Alternate title: what I thought I knew but didn’t

It’s been a few years since I graduated. I’ve moved away from my home state, found a job that I love, and married Brian. I have a home with a dishwasher and a washing machine. Life is going well. I got to thinking back about my college life and realized I had a lot of great experiences there. Some things, though, I hadn’t a clue about. I hope to take some of the things I learned since then and help my future kids navigate life a bit more smoothly than I did. Until then I’ll use this abbreviated list to remind myself that I’ve accomplished (or am in the process of accomplishing) some pretty important things. Learning doesn’t end when you switch the tassel on your cap from right to left.

on blogging

One of the women whose blog I follow asked her readers why they/we read blogs. It got me thinking, since I have a fledgling blog and twitter account (read: no followers on either). What do people want to hear?

When I first started reading blogs, about five months ago, it was to escape all the changes of a new marriage, new responsibilities, and living in a new place. My in-laws moved away, my dog needed surgery, and I didn’t have friends nearby anymore. I didn’t know who/what was out there, so I read whatever. But now I’ve settled into married and home life and have found a small group of bloggers that I keep coming back to. I’m not sure what it is. I think it’s because it’s hard to do the right thing, the boring thing, the difficult thing, gracefully and with a good attitude. I’m drawn to people who are happy in their situation, or trust God with their situation. It’s encouraging to see other people avoid unnecessary drama and make good choices in a world full of lazy decision-making. Also, good writing. I’m a sucker for good writing.

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