birthday part I


This was a super last-minute trip, to the point where Mom wasn't sure whether to mail my birthday card or hand it to me. Ha. Sorry, Mom. But it wasn't really indecision; more like a lack of time to make a decision. Brian and I had a lot going on leading up to Labor Day weekend: Brian had just started a new job and was spending a lot of overtime there even in the first week. He spent his remaining waking hours studying our budget and spending trends. I was busy with a couple big work projects, and all my free time was spent on homework for this certification I'm trying to get. We were also looking into flights to MN that turned out to be prohibitively expensive. Our only two sources of relaxation were walking Sasha and watching the US Open (btw, how fun is professional tennis??).

It was hard to see a three day {birthday} weekend fast approaching and have zero plans. I called Mom and she (fairly easily) convinced me to take Friday off and head their direction. A couple days later I made some sandwiches, Brian packed the car, and off we went! The drive through the mountains was fun in Brian's sporty car. Time flew by and before we knew it, we were in horseracing and mint julep country! 

The weekend was great and just what I was hoping for. Saturday morning Mom and I went to the local farmer's market, which later translated into amazing salads and shish kabobs. The homemade blackberry scones made me briefly consider a more culinary lifestyle, and the kabobs turned out so well that I tried to convince my parents to serve them for Thanksgiving instead of the usual turkey and ham. The jury is still out on that one. ;)




Mom and I went shopping after church on Sunday. We decided to have lunch at California Pizza Kitchen as a break from our usual Panera destination. The veggie pizza we shared was delicious and I would certainly have it again. Though at the very end, Mom ate one of the veggies that fell off one of the slices – and it turned out to be a clove of garlic! Haha. Nothing a lot of ice water couldn't solve. Even though we struck out on the shopping front, we did really enjoy our time together. Listening to the pianist in one of the department stores was definitely a highlight. She was very talented, playing by ear and improvising on well known songs.




For my birthday, Dad gave me a selfie stick as a kind-of-but-not-really gag gift.  My first ever selfie stick photo:


I have a pretty good career ahead of me as a lifestyle blogger, don't you think? ;)

Thanks for having us, Mom and Dad. Brian and I love spending time with you, and it's always hard to leave. I think that means it's a good trip.

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