bachelorette cabin weekend

Bachelorette Party, Cabin Edition! This was nearly all of us who drove to the mountains in West Virginia for some weekend shenanigans – Sheree, Jewel, Christina, Jessica, Danielle, Daniela, and me – just missing Hashani!

First, a picture of the gang at Panera – four (of five) bridesmaids, the MOB, the wedding coordinator, and of course the BRIDE! Back in April we met up at Christina's parents' house and carpooled over to the wedding venue, which was having an open house. After sampling the vendors' food, setting up a table with linens and a homemade centerpiece, and getting a feel for the lodge layout, we all headed to Panera to celebrate an afternoon well spent.

Fast forward three months and here we are celebrating Christina's bachelorette party! Cabin retreat? Yes please! I drove with Christina and we had an adventurous time going up the wrong "road". I put road in scare quotes because GPS considered it a road but it was truly offroading! Plus with all the rain, it was muddy and rocky. We got all the way up before we discovered the trail was blocked by a camper. I'm so glad I had the FJ and could switch to low gear. We safely 3-point-turned and made our way back down. As the saying goes, "as slow as possible, as fast as necessary". Eventually we made it to our cabin – on fully paved roads, I might add! 

These four girls are all engaged! So of course we needed them to fight over the bride tiara!

Christina won this round. ;)

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