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One of the women whose blog I follow asked her readers why they/we read blogs. It got me thinking, since I have a fledgling blog and twitter account (read: no followers on either). What do people want to hear?

When I first started reading blogs, about five months ago, it was to escape all the changes of a new marriage, new responsibilities, and living in a new place. My in-laws moved away, my dog needed surgery, and I didn’t have friends nearby anymore. I didn’t know who/what was out there, so I read whatever. But now I’ve settled into married and home life and have found a small group of bloggers that I keep coming back to. I’m not sure what it is. I think it’s because it’s hard to do the right thing, the boring thing, the difficult thing, gracefully and with a good attitude. I’m drawn to people who are happy in their situation, or trust God with their situation. It’s encouraging to see other people avoid unnecessary drama and make good choices in a world full of lazy decision-making. Also, good writing. I’m a sucker for good writing.

the Lord gives, the Lord takes away


My best friend just lost her child. For some reason unknown to everyone but God, the baby died in the womb at 6 weeks old. How heartbreaking is that? I don’t have any real words to comfort her, but I am praying.

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort,
who comforts us in all our troubles,
so that we can comfort those in any trouble
with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.
2 Corinthians 1:3-4

birthday tradition: celebrate in indiana


I was looking forward to our Labor Day weekend in Indiana for weeks. And it did not disappoint.

First of all, the weather was perfect. Perhaps it’s unexciting to start writing immediately about the weather, but this trip it really affected our weekend. It was hot sometimes, then rainy, then cool, then hot again. That gave us variety in our schedule. Brian and Dad cut down some trees in the backyard, with Mom’s blessings and my fledgling photo journalism… of course. Even with Dad recovering from his motorcycle accident a few weeks ago, he was right there with Brian, removing those trees. It was good to see the two of them in action.

birthday wishes and past shenanigans

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Today is my little brother’s birthday! He turned the age I kept thinking I was. This could get confusing.

Tony gave a toast at our wedding that was both sweet and funny by turn. He brought up stories of our childhood, because back then we did so much together. We’re only 2 years apart, and were both homeschooled. Our respective circles of friends often overlapped. We even went to the same college and even learned the same foreign language.

painting the fireplace


When visiting the in-laws this past weekend, Brian and I spent some quality time with them bonding over some house and yard projects. Last time we were in NY I removed wallpaper from Elena’s room. This time it was painting the dark fireplace bricks a beautiful, modern white.

Painting the brick fireplace was fun for me. Other helpers came and went as time and interest allowed, but I stuck with it. I was happy to have this creative outlet. As I painted I let my mind wander to thoughts of how Brian and I could fix up our own home. Or our future dream home. I thought of all the ideas and projects I could glean from Pinterest, which I could then beautifully replicate. I thought about all the ways I’d upgrade our living space after diligently utilizing my time studying magazines and websites. I’d have a sketch notebook full of magazine clips, paint swatches, and room measurements. No one could stop me. I had a spread in Home and Garden just waiting for me. Okay, perhaps I didn’t indulge quite that much. But, the thought kept me entertained for hours.

upstate new york

post_img_ashley0233_6-15-14 7.01 PM(3)

The beautiful northern woods were calling to us, so we packed up the dog and our stuff and headed to upper NY to visit Brian’s family. Because the entire family is now so involved in the Christian youth camp, social activities tend to revolve around the camp and the hiking trails woven throughout the small town. I like it. Every time we visit I feel like moving there. The pace of life is exactly what I desire. People are friendly. The topography? Awesome. There’s just this tiny inconvenience of cold weather… As in, by mid-August, fall has arrived. Sweatshirt time! But I digress…

motorcycle accident

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I got a call from Mom a couple days ago saying Dad was in the hospital. He was thrown from his bike on a road trip through TN. Surprisingly, he didn’t have any external cuts or bruising. When Dad called Mom initially, he didn’t realize how much damage had been done. He thought he was just a little banged up and would be dismissed from the hospital shortly. In actuality, he had six fractured ribs, a partially deflated lung, and a broken scapula. The doctors rightly monitored him overnight to mitigate any potential complications.

choose joy. choose adventure


Brian and I bought a soccer ball last week. I hadn’t played soccer since elementary school. And honestly, I’m quite often a stick-in-the-mud when it comes to trying new things. But I determined my attitude ahead of time – this was an opportunity to choose joy and adventure.

Since it was just us and the dog, it was really more practice and less playing. But it was fun! We spent the waning hours of daylight kicking the ball back and forth, practicing our goalie moves, and running after stray balls. It didn’t matter that the soccer fields were full and we played on a grassy baseball field. It didn’t matter that I missed the goal more than I made it. We laughed and exercised and lived in the moment. It’s a memory I’ll have forever.

sasha’s surgery


My poor puppy had surgery last week. The surgery was to remove a large, prickly, calcified stone growing in her bladder. For months, Sasha had felt pain and the continual need to urinate. I knew she needed to go to the vet, but I was in denial about how serious of a problem she had. From my perspective, I was frustrated and embarrassed that my housetrained dog would pee indoors. I thought she was being territorial, and my schedule was much too busy to have a vet chastise me for failing in dog obedience training.

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