Welcome to my corner of the internet! My name is Ashley and I journal a combination of day-to-day activities, crazy adventures, and deeper thoughts. My goal is to become precisely that daughter, that disciple, that witness, that servant God calls me to be.

I am married to the funniest, smartest, godliest, handsomest man on the East Coast. My apologies to all the other women getting second-best! Brian gets this stay-at-home girl out into the world. I’ve had so many fun experiences because I followed his adventurous lead!

I work as an administrative assistant for an engineering firm outside DC. I love it here. My group of engineers works in the nuclear industry. Their work is highly technical and highly rewarding, and so is mine.

Brian and I have a mini schnauzer named Sasha. She’s adorable. I would take her everywhere with me if I could.


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